Jim’s Typography – Reverse Engineer Post

Ad design for Top ‘N Town Ice Cream


A little ice cream shop in India made it as one of the top ads of the world with this print ad.


Typeface #1

The most obvious typeface in this ad is a Decorative typeface  in the shape of an ice cream bar. It contains words of different size, shape and boldness that describe the benefits of the product and draw the viewer in to explore more.







Typeface #2

The second typeface is a Modern typeface and is directly below the image of the handle of the ice cream bar. It is identified by the serifs and although it appears at first to be mono-width, closer examination reveals the radical thicks and thins of the font. It is in all caps and contains the message the company is trying to convey to the viewer. The font at the bottom of the page is also a Modern typeface.



This design is super simple and the contrasting typefaces create two distinct messages to the viewer – one about feelings and the other about time. The creativity of the Decorative typeface in the shape of the ice cream creates a visual memory that lasts after viewing it.