Jim’s Photography Reverse Engineer Post

Depth of Field

New Zealand Landscape http://www.snapphotography.co.nz/


Owyhee Mountains over Lake Lowell

These photographs illustrate Depth of Field with two-dimensional medium. Both have objects in the foreground and in the background.


New Zealand Landscape drawover



The tree in the foreground of the New Zealand landscape leads the viewer to the mountains that flow into the background. The viewer has the opportunity to view both the tree and the mountains which create depth in the scene.

Owyhee Mountains over Lake Lowell drawover

The Owyhee Mountain picture includes layers of trees, lake, hills and mountains.


Leading Lines

by Clint Losee
Railroad tracks into the sunrise near the Provo River on a foggy late winter morning. by Clint Losee http://clintlosee.photoshelter.com/image/I0000Zu9q4Mfym1c



Treasure Valley

These photographs illustrate Leading Lines pulling the viewer into the picture.


Railroad-Tracks-Sunrise-Landscape-Photography drawover

The railroad tracks naturally draw our eyes into the distance in this photograph and take us on a journey through the scene.


Treasure Valley drawover

There are several lines in this photograph that draw in the viewer – the road, the fence, the field and the telephone poles.


Rule of Thirds

Wallpapers Pictures Photos http://wallpaperspicturesphotos.com/photography/
Idaho barn

These photographs illustrate the Rule of Thirds where the important elements of the picture is positioned along imaginary lines if the picture was broken into 9 equal segments.


The bicycle is positioned along the right vertical line of this photo. The background is blurred highlighting the bike which is the main element of the photo


The barn is positioned along the left vertical line of this photo adding balance and interest to the scene.



Knowing about composition guidelines which can be applied in most situations to enhance the impact of a scene make photography more interesting, challenging and help to keep the viewer in mind. Practicing these ideas enhances the effects of the photographs and draws more attention to the intended subject.



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