Jim’s Reverse Engineer Post

AT&T ad
Ads of the World
Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York / Atlanta, USA                                                               Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg Hahn
This is a reverse engineer post of an AT&T thumbprint ad by BBDO. This ad was used with several different messages conveyed during its campaign.




The contrast detail helps us understand their main idea. They use text written in color to show us that this is the focus of their message. The smaller paragraph between the color text indicates that it is stating details they want to convey. The bold font indicates a stronger statement or point. The viewer is easily drawn to the message of the ad.



The thumbprint image through it’s repetition of hundreds of smaller images throughout bring immediate attention from the viewer.




They have done a great job in keeping everything organized by using alignment. The main message is right aligned which keeps the image clean and focused.



Again, the thumbprint provides proximity by capturing the viewers attention and suggesting a theme. The message is then conveyed in smaller text.



Color is brought in with the images in the thumbprint as well as the top and bottom lines of the main text, and finally the logo. There is consistency with blue and orange.


This ad is catches the viewers attention which draws them in to find out more. It is simple at first appearance yet complex in detail. AT&T seems to want to make you think with its ads.


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